Natalie Fairburn
Carly and Darren
Jai, the photo's in the double frame looks amazing on the wall and i've just cried through the sliedeshow with a hot chocolate ! Thank-you so much (October 2015)

Katrina Poole
Hi Jai, our photo's are now up and our house looks like a home ! thank-you so much (August 2015)

Jo Jones
Jai we love our pics so much - my mum cried after you left and said 'she has captured them perfectly' xxxx can't wait to book in again mext year when William is a wicked toddler for family images. (July 2015)

Christine Cooke
Thank you for a lovely afternoon Jai ...there wasn't a photo I wouldn't have picked are very talented

Jenny Wilson
I would recommend Jai to everyone. Although on the face of it, her specialty is photography, and wow is she good at that, her real specialty is people, and bringing the light that radiates within them to the camera lens. She can evoke beauty from the simplest of situations, and create images which capture perfectly the wondrous memories which will delight for generations to come. To promote your event from merely special to spectacular, you only need add one ingredient...Jai. Thank you Jai, for making my granddaughter's christening so memorable in the adorable images you have produced. x

Andrew Lazenby
Terri and I love the relaxed atmosphere that Jai Eastwood created when shooting our wedding photos, she was professional and very unique with her style. We laughed and had fun during the whole experience and to top it off she gave us a cup of tea and cake which went down a treat. Highly recommended!!!

Cheryl Alison Edwards
I met this wonderful lady at my cousin's christening. She was wonderful and engaging and even took the time to teach my son with special needs how to take photographs (using her very expensive camera!!) she was wonderful and the previews of the photos are amazing! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. :)

Natalie Chamberlain-Miller
Jai is an absolutley wonderful photographer and a lovely lovely lady. A very relaxed approach to getting studio photos done. There were even photos of me that I liked which very very rarely happens! First class service :)

Chelle Sarah Hearne
One word to describe her and her work - OUTSTANDING :-)

Stacey Eloise Evans
I cannot recommend Jai high enough!! She was absolutely fantastic. It was a pleasure to have her be a part of our incredible day. Jai put myself,my husband and all our guests at ease with her wonderful personality, sense of humour and calm, relaxed attitude. Thank you so much xxx

Angela Hearne
the most gorgeous lady and her camera - love looking at her fantastic work xxxxx

Jacqueline Rees
You won't find a better photographer , she simply weaves her magic with her camera .......simply perfection xx

Rosemary Lily Edwards
I don't think I could begin to put into words how highly I think of Jai, she is an incredible woman with an astonishing amount of imagination! With the help of her camera she can capture beauty in any situation! Those moments when your not looking at her taking a photo of the oh so natural smile of yours & those precious moments you never saw happen all captured by a lady so good at her job you barely knew she was there! ( please don't take offence by that Jai ;) ) I was hmming & haaing about whether to hire a photographer for my very special daughters Christening but when I saw Jai's work my mind was made up! It was so nice that the guests didn't take many photos because we all had faith in this wonderful lady, where as in other christening's I've seen the parents with their phones out trying to capture it all! This way we all had our eyes on Millie-Rose at what I would consider to be the most important day of both our lives

Aluw John

Thank you so much Jai, the photos are wonderful!
We're away at the moment, we'll take a good look when we get back and call in to discuss and choose photos.

Thank you again, we're thrilled with them. X x

Catrin Sian Jones
Good evening

I have been busy studying all the amazing photos but am really stuck as I don't know which ones to choose. I would like to put something on my living room wall but don't know if I need one big picture or a collection of smaller ones. I have attached a picture of the wall I want to use. Do u have any suggestions?

(oh suggestions were a plenty ! a huge triple, a canvas and and gift sorted both Catrin and the house out) !

Rachel Tillman
I'm in tears.( happy tears) xxxx

Lisa Evans
I would reccommend Jai Eastwood photography to anyone. I love my Daughter's photos. I have never been so relaxed and had such a warm welcome. Will be back soon I guarantee. X

Emma Natasha Doyle
What can I say??? Amazing. Thank you so much. These photos are going to make such a difference to my business and we haven't even finished yet!!! I love them. I did have a panic at first because my computer kept telling me it was a blank disk!!! Third time lucky and there they were see you soon for round 2 xxx

Llinos Angharad Hodder
Hi Jai, just had a phone call from my brother to say they have collected their order, Rhys and Emma are totally thrilled can't wait to see them tomorrow. Thank you for helping us buy a special gift that they will cherish forever xx

Teresa-Maria Spatola
Such beautiful photographs be cherished forever! Thank you very much.

Jenny Rae Heavens
Thanks for a fab morning! x

Chris Govier
Absolutely the best photographer around

Thank you Jai, we had such a lovely time Beach dancing girl